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An online booking system with a clean design. It is professional, very easy to use and can be set up in ten minutes.

  • Free

Calendars.Net is a free calendar hosting service, where you and anyone else you want can post events visible and printable by whom you choose. You can post events that span more than one day (with text flowing across days or even weeks) or that recur every 1st Tuesday, etc. And you can easily keep a copy of your calendar data on your own computer, so you will never lose it.

  • Free

A simple but sturdy calendar easily integrated with an iFrame. You can mark a day of the year available or vacant with one click.

  • Free

Allow visitors to instantly check availability of your vacation rental property.

  • $20/yr

Automated and easy to use online solution for the independent holiday home owner including booking software, a reporting engine and a payment system.

  • £10/mo

A simple web-based resource planning tool for project work. It features a calendar to see who is working on what for how long, the ability to filter resources with a single click, auto-complete and auto-assigning of colors to help stay organized, permission levels for managers, and more.

Allows you to easily maintain and publicize events and appointments. Usage is free if you allow placement of rotating banners on the Calendar.

  • Free

Schedule appointment services with a simple and easy to use interface.

  • $10+/mo

A web service for hotel and room rental businesses that allows customers to book a room online. Hotel management can make reservations, manage guest data and create invoices.

  • Free
  • Commercial

A web-based scheduler that enables businesses to provide an online appointment scheduling service to their clients. Clients or customers can book appointments online.

  • Commercial

Allows you to create multiple calendars each with different features and styles. You can choose or customize a predefined style. You can build your own RSVP forms and attach them to events. Supports multiple users on one account and features recurring events, events that span multiple days and more.

  • $14.95/mo

Appointment scheduler for businesses that want to accept appointments online.

  • $7.95/mo

Professional, real-time online holiday booking software system. The software specification, performance and ease of use meets the demands of large holiday and touring parks. The pricing structure makes the same professional booking software affordable for a single rental unit.

  • Commercial

A web-based calendar service for individuals or groups. Advanced features include email reminders, event search, customizable event categories, color scheme selection, access restriction and customized headers/footers.

  • Free
  • $4.95/mo

An efficient, versatile and elegant yet inexpensive way to provide availability information on web sites. Flash and table-based calendars are provided as well as calendars for WAP mobile devices. Data is stored, delivered and backed up for you on remote servers. Calendars can be embedded in web pages or work as a pop-up.

  • $11.99/yr

Add useful online bookings to your website. It's simple to use and lets you "draw" your booking sheet. You can upload an image of your booking sheet and then place the booking slots on top of the image. This results in a more intuitive, flexible and professional booking sheet for your customers.

  • Free
  • $180/yr

Software designed for self-catering businesses with 1-3 properties to show live availability and take online bookings.

  • £145/yr

Create appoitment slots and allow your clients to schedule your services. You can share your availability calendar on your website, set your own appointments for clients that aren't online and track appointments from your preferred calendaring software.

  • $9.95/mo

A free remotely hosted event scroller. Light weight at only 3.3KB, just copy and paste some HTML into your website. Uses the WhichTime free calendar as a data source. The scroller can be configured to take on a wide variety of shapes and colors to match any existing website.

  • Free

A web-based calendaring system. It allows multiple users to add and edit calendar events using a browser. The calendar display can be directly integrated into your web site. It provides advanced management of resources and facilities. Approval system allows many users to edit calendars while assuring all items added are approved.

  • $99/yr

A free online calendar built using Flash to make it fast and easy to use. No filling out forms. Just point, click and type.

  • Free

Online scheduling software for small businesses and professional practices. Facilitates online appointment scheduling between service providers and customers, internal employees and resource scheduling.

  • $6.59+/mo
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